The region of Amitges is a traditional school of climbing. There are numerous boulders near the refuge like the well-known Needles of Amitges and places to climb less frequented such as el Portarró, el pic de Crabes, la serra de Saboredo, les Torres and les Agulles de Bassiero, etc. The rock is granite of good quality.

At the Agulles of Amitges there are bolts at the belays and at the abseil points. For self protection you need friends of different sizes. The length of most of the routes to the Agulles is between 100 and 150 mts. In other places we can find longer routes.

There is approximately half an hour from the refuge to the foot of the Agulles.

Some Climbing Topos

Agulles d’Amitges: introduction

Saboredo Occidental

Torres de Bassiero

For complete information, see the guide Roca caliente en los Pirineos. Vol. III Aran-Pallars
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Writted in Spanish.